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Accessories support daily lab work and increase operational safety

When talking about biobanks/biorepositories and cryogenic storage, devices for freezing and storage, as well as automation and documentation, are usually mentioned as core elements. In addition to these core elements, it is important to have helpful and safe accessories available when refining the planning or in daily laboratory work. With these “little tools” aspects, such as user-friendliness and security, can be increased and processes can be simplified and optimized. Examples of such tools can be found in the area of faster and safer sample transfer between SBS racks, instead of manual transfer of each individual sample, or obtaining even more precise freezing results, e.g. using aluminum SBS rack.

Therefore, Askion offers a variety of useful accessories in addition to freezing and storage solutions.


Adapter to transfer legacy samples



Transfertool to convert samples from conventional into aluminium SBS racks or back



LN Flow Control to control and secure liquid nitrogen flow



Aluminium SBS Racks for high precision freezing



TD100 for reliable and safe sample warming